Liquidation of the camp

Treblinka I - Liquidation of the camp

The final liquidation of the camp began on 23 July 1944 at about 6:00 p.m. Poles were locked in a barrack, while the area occupied by Jews was surrounded by SS-officers and guards. All Jews were ordered to leave the barracks and lie on the square facing the ground. In the Jewish compound there were about 550 people, including women and children. About 17 people, the necessary skilled workers, were separated from this group and detained in the camp. The remaining prisoners were led by the guards in small groups into the forest and shot there. In the forest, three large 3 m deep holes were dug, of different lengths, over which people were executed in fives.

The crew destroyed all the camp documentation in order to cover up the traces of their activities. When they left the camp, they took the accumulated property and a few professionals from among the prisoners. After they left, a few Germans arrived and set fire to the barracks.