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Treblinka II

The Treblinka extermination camp (centre) was built by the Germans in mid-1942 next to a nearby penal labour camp. It was established as a part of Operation Reinhard, the goal of which was to eliminate the Jewish population. It covered an area of 17 hectares and was surrounded by a high barbed wire fence. The camp was operated by a command staff of 30-40 Germans and Austrians who were assisted by around 100-120 guards, mainly Ukrainians. Doctor of medicine Irmfried Eberl became the first command...
Treblinka I20171120100046

Treblinka I

Penal Labour Camp functioned from the summer of 1941 to the end of July 1944. The initiator and organizer was the county staroste in Sokołów Podlaski, Ernst Gramss. The commandant of the camp throughout the entire period was Theo van Eupen. German service consisted of about 20 people. They had help from a group of guards (about 100 people) – mainly Ukrainians. Over 20,000 prisoners went through the camp, of which about 10,000 died or were shot....
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