Execution site

Treblinka I - Execution site

It is a place where the corpses of the dead were buried during heavy work, the wounded and exhausted, sentenced to death for camp violations, as well as those brought to this place by wagons from Warsaw, most probably from Pawiak, and from Sokołów Podlaski were shot. On 2 March 1942, about 100 people from the Pawiak prison and Al. Szucha were shot here. Among the murdered were several arrested activists of the Labour Party, including former MP Stanisław Ratajczyk. Since April 1942, death sentences were carried out on Jews from the Warsaw ghetto. It was a convenient place for torturers to carry out executions. The area around the camp was patrolled by guards and thus isolated from outside witnesses. In this place, especially in the years 1942-1943, Romani people – Gypsies were shot dead. According to reports from the Government Delegation to London of 8 and 25 November 1943, Italian officers and soldiers could have been shot there. Executions were carried out here until the last moment.

The number of 10,000 victims is not tantamount to the number of dead or murdered in the Treblinka labour camp. Some prisoners were buried on the scene of the murder, and some groups of prisoners who were no longer able to work were killed in the Treblinka II gas chambers.

In 1944 and 1946, the exhumation and medical examination of some graves were carried out. The research shows that for some people the cause of death were injuries inflicted with a heavy tool or headshot wounds. It results from the layout of corpses that the bodies were not arranged. Nowadays, it is difficult to determine how many prisoners this land really hides.