"Educational Project Titled 'Treblinka “Hear Us”' – Phase I

The ‘Treblinka “Hear Us”’ educational project – Phase I, was launched in 2021, financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage from the national budget. This project encompassed the following activities:

  • ‘Treblinka (Audio Intro)’ – a musical composition by Bartosz Chajdecki. This composition will serve as the official musical theme for the Museum’s activities and as the primary medium for its educational and promotional efforts.
  • Musical illustrations by Bartosz Chajdecki, portraying selected testimonies of the tragic events in Treblinka.
  • ‘Eyes Dried from Tears’ – a film that complements the musical illustration of witness testimonies, providing a visual documentation of the described locations and events. This series will form an integral part of both the Museum’s permanent and virtual exhibitions.
  • Treblinka Museum (Intro Video) – a cinematic montage of music composed by Bartosz Chajdecki, paired with aerial and ground-level photographs/film footage, narrated to introduce the fundamental facts about these historical sites and the Museum’s mission.

Upgrading and expanding the Museum’s website.

The Treblinka Museum has devised a plan to establish a comprehensive and long-term educational program about the tragic events, which took place at the Treblinka railway station and in the Nazi Extermination and Penal Labour Camps in Treblinka. This plan, provisionally named ‘Treblinka: “Hear Us”’, is scheduled from 2021 to 2027. Its primary goal is to formulate an appropriate message to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge about these events and the tragic fate of the victims, and to create tools to reach a broad audience in Poland and internationally. The project is particularly designed for youth who will carry on the Museum’s mission in the future.

The objective of this phase is to prepare the essential educational and foundational promotional materials to acquaint a wider audience with the Museum’s mission.

“Sponsored by the funds from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.