A cooperation agreement between the Treblinka Museum and the Jewish Historical Institute has been signed.

On February 1st, at the Jewish Historical Institute (JHI), an agreement of cooperation was signed between the Treblinka Museum, represented by its director Edward Kopówka, and the Jewish Historical Institute, represented by its director Monika Krawczyk. The aim of this cooperation is to create a permanent exhibition in the emerging Exhibition and Educational Facility on the premises of the Treblinka Museum. The team assigned for its development is led by Prof. Andrzej Żbikowski, head of the JHI’s Scientific Department. During the press conference, the importance of this cooperation and the joint acquisition and development of material for the exhibition were emphasized. Dr. Piotr Szpanowski, Deputy Director of the Department of Cultural Heritage at the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, participated in the conference on behalf of the Ministry. The Marshal’s Office of the Mazovia Region in Warsaw was represented by Joanna Ruszecka, Head of the Department of Cultural Institutions.

During the event, the director of the Treblinka Museum, Edward Kopówka, awarded Monika Krawczyk, the director of the JHI, with a commemorative “Meritorious for the Treblinka Museum” medal. Director Edward Kopówka was awarded the honorary badge of the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute. In the evening, a meeting led by the JHI’s deputy director Małgorzata Sołtysik was also held, focusing on the emerging facility.

During the meeting, the deputy director of the Treblinka Museum Iwona Wasilewska, together with the architect of the facility Piotr Bujnowski, presented the facility’s project. Prof. Andrzej Żbikowski talked about the outline of the permanent exhibition. A lecture on the construction of the Memory Wall was given by members of the board of the Memory of Treblinka Foundation, Ewa Telezyńska-Sawicka and Paweł Sawicki. Dr. Sebastian Różycki, a research scientist from the Faculty of Geodesy and Cartography at the Warsaw University of Technology, spoke about the scientific research on the site of the former Treblinka II Extermination Camp.

After the speakers’ presentations, a lively discussion ensued. At the end of the event, the director of the Treblinka Museum honored members of the board of the Memory of Treblinka Foundation with the “Meritorious for the Treblinka Museum” medal.

2 February 2024