Another “Meritorious for the Treblinka Museum” medals were awarded

On June 23 at the Treblinka Museum, the “Meritorious of the Treblinka Museal were presented for:   Beate Stollberg – Wolschendorf – retired history teacher from Germany and an institution – the Initiative Schoah-Gedenkstätten beim Kirchenkreis Bielefeld. The medal is an expression of gratitude for commitment and assistance in the implementation of the statutory aims of the Museum.

Beate Stollberg-Wolschendorf, during her time as a history teacher at the Middle School in Bethel in Bielefeld, supported students for two years in the project, which culminated in the development of an exhibition and the publication of an album in 2005 entitled: “Treblinka II – Treblinka Extermination Camp – das Vernichtungslager”. Presently this brochure is available for sale at the museum. Its subsequent editions are very popular among visitors. It was released in the following languages: Polish, German, French and English. The purpose of the exhibition and the brochure was to show young people the history of the Treblinka II Extermination Camp in a way accessible to young recipients. It also encourages further cooperation between Polish and German youth during various workshops and meetings. Beate Stollberg-Wolschendorf also initiated donations to the Treblinka Museum.

Initiative Schoah-Gedenkstätten beim Kirchenkreis Bielefeld was an institution working in support of Polish-German cooperation. It provides financial support to the Treblinka Museum with donations.  With the financial and substantive support of the members of this institution, a board exhibition and a brochure entitled “Treblinka II – Treblinka Extermination Camp – das Vernichtungslager” was developed.

A. R.

3 July 2023