More “Meritorious for the Treblinka Museum” medals were awarded

During the meeting commemorating the 80th anniversary of the liquidation of the ghetto in Kosów Lacki, the following persons were awarded with the “Meritorious for the Treblinka Museum” commemorative medal: Mr. Jan Słomiak, Mayor of the Town and Commune of Kosów Lacki and the Management and Employees of the Cultural Center in Kosów Lacki.

The “Meritorious for the Treblinka Museum” commemorative medal honours special merits to the Treblinka Museum. The Nazi German Extermination Camp and Forced Labour Camp (1941-1944). It is an expression of gratitude for commitment and assistance in the implementation of the statutory aims of the Museum. The medal can be awarded to state institutions, local government units, social and professional organizations as well as natural and legal persons, regardless of citizenship and place of residence. It is awarded to institutions that support activities for the commemoration and documentation the history of the former German camps: the Treblinka II Extermination Camp and the Treblinka I Penal Labour Camp. These institution take care for the comprehensive development of the Treblinka Museum through scientific, educational and administrative support, as well as disseminating knowledge about Treblinka Museum or providing financial support.

The Mayor of the Town and Commune of Kosów Lacki, Mr. Jan Słomiak, has been participating in all ceremonies organized by the Treblinka Museum for many years. He actively takes part in them. He promotes the Treblinka Museum among local government officials and other people and institutions. Many times he has lent free of charge the equipment of the Town and Commune Office of Kosów Lacki, which was used to carry out the necessary works on the premises of the Treblinka Museum. He has helped with administrative matters with exceptional commitment. As the president of the Volunteer Fire Brigade operating in Kosów Lacki, he cares about the safety of the Treblinka Museum.

The Cultural Center in Kosów Lacki has been kindly supporting the Treblinka Museum for many years as well. The Center lends its rooms free of charge for the needs of the Museum, including the performance hall. The Center cooperates with the Museum in organizing meetings, concerts and celebrations. The institution lends the sound system, tents and benches free of charge for events taking place at the Treblinka Museum. Employees, headed by Director Ewa Olszewska, are actively involved in the Museum’s activities. Mr. Artur Ziontek, an instructor of the Cultural Center, is one of the members of the Museum’s Council at the Treblinka Museum.

We are glad that we could honour our important Partners. We look forward to further fruitful cooperation.


14 February 2023