Visit of the Ambassador of Japan in Treblinka Museum

On November 9, 2021, the Ambassador of Japan to Poland Akio Miyajima visited Treblinka Museum. During the visit, the Ambassador, together with an interpreter Dobrawa Dudzień, visited the area of ​​the former Treblinka II Extermination Camp in the presence of the director Edward Kopówka and the museum employees. After learning about the history of this place, he paid tribute to the people murdered in the camp. Then everyone approached the stone commemorating Janusz Korczak and the children, where tribute was also paid. Then Ambassador visited the exhibition in the museum building. At the end of the visit, he added entry to the visitor’s book, in which he expressed his hopes that the crime that took place here will never happen again. The Ambassador also emphasized the need to preserve the memory and educate future generations about this place. The visit took place on the anniversary of Kristallnacht (the Night of Broken Glass), i.e. the pogrom of Jews in Nazi Germany initiated by the state authorities, on the night of November 9-10, 1938.

10 November 2021