The unknown grave of German Camp – Treblinka I victims was found

From 12th November, a surface research continues at the grounds of Penal Labour Camp Treblinka I and so-called Execution Site. The research is carried out as a part of investigation concerning crimes committed during years 1941-1944 against prisoners of German Penal Labour Camp – Treblinka I. The aim of this inspection is to establish places, where mass and single graves of  Camp’s victims might be located, as well as execution places.

Thanks to the work carried out until now, at the area of present-day parking in the forest, an unknown grave with dimensions 4,50 x 3,40 m was located, the grave contains human remains.  The grave was secured and marked. The inspection does not aim to recover human remains, but only to establish places where victims’ graves and execution sites were located.

Bullets shells from long firearms and handguns as well as metal belt buckle, were found at the site of the researched parking area, in the surface layer of the ground.

21 November 2019