Visit of Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs in Museum Treblinka

On the 31 of August 2019 delegation of politicians from Spain visited Museum Treblinka. It was led by the  Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain Josep Borrell Fontelles. The delegation also consisted of:

  • Francisco Javier Sanabria Valderrama – Spanish Ambassador in Poland,
  • Guillermo Escribano – Deputy Ambassador,
  • Aurora Mejia Errasquin – Director-General for Western, Central and South East Europe of Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Amador Sanchez Rico – Director-General for Communication and Diplomatic Information of Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
  • Agustin Rebollo – Political Counsellor,
  • María Luisa Riveiro García – Director of the Office for Communication Spanish Embassy in Poland.

Minister Borrell visited Museum Treblinka to extend his knowledge about the Extermination and and pay respects to the victims of the Extermination Camp Treblinka II. Director of the Museum Edward Kopówka guided the politicians and diplomats around the exhibition and the grounds of the Museum while presenting the history of the camps and how they functioned. Afterwards the delegates indulged themselves in reflection by the Monument dedicated to the victims of the Extermination Camp in Treblinka. Minister Borrell and ambassador Sanabria put a wreath of flowers to honor the victims.

This meeting was  an opportunity to discussions about the cooperation between Museum Treblinka and Spanish Embassy in Poland. This partnership aims to help the numerous Spanish-speaking visitors of Museum Treblinka learn about the history of this place.

9 September 2019