Karen I. Treiger – My soul is filled with joy. History of the Holocaust – a new publishing offer in the offer of the Treblinka Museum

We are pleased to announce that in the Treblinka Museum the book “My soul is full of joy” is now available. The author – Karen I. Treiger – a lawyer from Seattle described the story of Holocaust survivors –  am, who came from a small village near Ostrów Mazowiecka and Esther, whose family lived in Stoczek Węgrowski before the war. The author spins an interesting story about the ordinary life of Polish Jews before the war, Sam’s escape from the German prisoner-of-war camp, his life in Treblinka, escape from the death camp and hiding in the forest, where he met his future wife Esther. Esther’s history is also marked by suffering – the Germans murdered her entire family, and she herself twice escaped the German tormentors and hid in the woods near Stok Lacki for over a year.
The author describes the huge help her parents-in-law experienced from the Styś family, who, regardless of the consequences of the Germans, provided them with food for many months and hid them in their barn.

A publication getting to the Polish reader is also a record of the author’s experiences from her two stays in Poland. Letters found in Sam’s apartment after his death allowed to find three of the living members of the Styś family. Thanks to the efforts of Sam Goldberg’s son, Shlomo, the Styś family was honored with the title of Righteous Among the Nations.

In a letter to readers in the book Karen I. Treiger gave a brief information about the reasons for writing this publication: The story told in these pages reflects the truth as told by Sam and Esther, interpreted through my experiences and my eyes. Others have different truths and they too are valid.

The book can be purchased at the Museum information point and at the exhibition in the Museum building. It costs 35 PLN.

The book is available in Polish.

16 July 2019