We invite you to a temporary exhibition entitled: “My Jewish parents, my Polish parents”.

The Museum presents a temporary exhibition titled “My Jewish parents, my Polish parents”, which is about the life of Jewish children brought up by Polish parents.

The main purpose of the exhibition is to present the history of children survivors and their Jewish and Polish parents. The initiator of the exhibition is Joanna Sobolewska-Pyz, former chairwoman of the Association “Children of the Holocaust” in Poland, which is one of the saved children herself. The exhibition is a compilation of archival photographs with contemporary portraits, what gave children’s memories an emotional strength and added an up-to-date, positive ending. It is a way to add missing pages of history.

The exhibition tells the fate of fifteen children born in 1939-1942, who were saved thanks to boundless parental love, which told them to give them away in foreign hands and the courage of people who took care of them and recognized them as their own daughters and sons.

The exhibition will be available to visitors until July 29, 2019.

1 July 2019