The Treblinka Museum has signed a cooperation agreement with the Warsaw Ghetto Museum

The cooperation will mainly cover scientific and educational activities – especially in the field of researching and disseminating knowledge about the Holocaust of Polish Jews, in particular Jews of Warsaw and the surrounding area, murdered in 1942-1943 in Treblinka; their fate in the Warsaw ghetto and the last stage of life in the Holocaust Camp; the Warsaw ghetto uprising and the uprising in the extermination camp in Treblinka. The cooperation of both museums will also be implemented in the exhibition, publishing, promotional and populariziation areas.

These two places are historically connected with each other. Jews deported from the Warsaw Ghetto were sent to the Treblinka Death Camp. We are in the process of preparing the concept of the exhibition and cooperation with the Treblinka Museum is crucial for us. (…) Most Jews who did not die in the Warsaw Ghetto were murdered in Treblinka – this is the largest cemetery of Polish Jews, the symbol of the Holocaust. We will carry out all educational, touristic and scientific projects together in the future. I also hope to cooperate on exhibits. – summed up the director of the Warsaw Ghetto Museum, Albert Stankowski.

The opening of the Warsaw Ghetto Museum is planned for 2023, however, the first joint projects are likely to start in May 2019.

Information on cooperation from the Museum of the Warsaw Ghetto:

1 July 2019