The album “Samuel Willenberg – Hero of Two Nations”

The album “Samuel Willenberg – Hero of Two Nations” tells the complex story of the fate of Poles and Jews during the Second World War, through the lenses of the extraordinary experience of Samuel Willenberg (1923-2016).

A solider of Polish Army in September 1939, participant of the uprising in Treblinka and the Warsaw Uprising.

He survived the Holocaust and dedicated his life to preserving the memory of the nightmare that took place in the Treblinka II Extermination Camp. This bilingual book talks about the timeless power of art, hope, the strength of family ties and the importance of testimony. About Willenberg’s legacy, which is a triumph of the human spirit.

The album is available for purchase at the Treblinka Museum for PLN 73.

Photo: T. Kaczor

5 July 2023