A request to provide information on people murdered and imprisoned in the Treblinka I labor camp in the years 1941-1944

Ladies and gentlemen,

in connection with the publication on the subject of people murdered in the Treblinka I labor camp in 1941-1944, the Treblinka Museum is asking with cordial request to families and relatives to provide information about the murdered and prisoners of the labor camp – Treblinka I in the years 1941-1944.

Please provide all information to the following address:

The Treblinka Museum, Wólka Okrąglik 115, 08-330 Kosów Lacki

sekretariat@muzeumtreblinka.eu or a.remiszewska@muzeumtreblinka.eu,
tel. 25 781 16 58/505 670 339
Contact person: Anna Remiszewska

1 July 2019